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I believe that optimal wellness is achieved when a strong body, positive mind and peaceful spirit exist in harmony with each other. It is my desire to INSPIRE YOU to optimize your health by developing these key areas in order to create YOUR BEST SELF.

It is often difficult to find balance in our lives with hectic schedules and numerous responsibilities. We tend to put our health and well-being at the bottom of the “To Do” list. Making time for SELF-care is what ultimately allows you to manage all of these tasks well. The combination of proper nutrition, appropriate exercise and time for relaxation is the recipe for optimal health and wellness.

I am here to inspire, motivate and help you to become YOUR PERSONAL BEST. We will develop a realistic and sustainable wellness plan that works for YOU. I will provide you with education, support and accountability throughout your journey.

You take the first step forward and I will be there to lead you in the right direction.

Satisfied Clients are saying…

From our first meeting in February of 2015, I knew that Lori was extremely knowledgeable, kind and compassionate.  I have been working out since the age of 15, however, I never saw results until I started working with Lori. Although I am very diligent with my exercise and food choices, I have always had a challenge maintaining my weight. Her guidance has helped me tremendously.

With my hectic schedule, I love the fact that Lori comes to my home every Thursday morning to train me. This is so convenient. Using a combination of my personal equipment as well as equipment that she brings along, Lori guides me through exercises that work for me.

Lori takes pride in her business and always wants the best for her clients. She works tirelessly for her clients and takes personal interest in their needs.  I highly recommend her services.

I chose Lori for her excellent communication skills and knowledge of strength training and nutrition. I have been a client of hers for a year now, and I am very satisfied with my results. At our initial meeting, Lori asked me what my goals were. I explained that I would like to lose body fat and gain some lean muscle.

We have achieved both thanks to her knowledge, persistence and my workouts. She comes prepared to every session. .Lori is very personable and  takes time to consider your skill level, age, and any past injuries you may have since she comes from a background in Occupational therapy.

There were times I didn’t feel like working out, but once I got there I am so glad I pushed through and I felt a sense of accomplishment thanks to Lori’s words of encouragement.

Lori has a motto, “Slow and steady wins the race” and she made me realize that even when I reach my goals, I will not stop because this is a lifestyle.

There were three reasons why I originally chose Lori as my Personal Trainer. 1) I was in recovery from a bad injury and ACL and MCL replacement surgery when I started looking for a trainer. She used to be an Occupational Therapist and has more and different body knowledge than the average personal trainer due to this. 2) She actually competes in Natural Body Building, so really knows her stuff, and 3) she is over 40, like me. We can relate in so many ways, which is really important to feeling comfortable with a trainer. I’ve been training with Lori twice a week for over a year and I’ve come quite a long way with her help. I’m stronger now than I have been in years! I highly recommend her.

I have been working with Lori for the past 18 months and it has been a terrific experience. I originally hired Lori to train my granddaughter to improve her strength for cross country running. After observing their sessions, I asked Lori if she would work with me as well.

Lori’s diverse background in Occupational Therapy and natural bodybuilding qualify her to work with clients of all ages and skill levels. Lori also has knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle modification. She will coach you while respecting your personal beliefs so that you can achieve your desired level of fitness and feel your best.

Lori worked on strengthening me from the inside out rather than from the outside in as other trainers did. We first focused on building my core strength and increasing my hip flexibility so that I could walk without pain. We also improved my stamina so that I can walk, hike or bike without exhausting myself.  I have accomplished 7 miles at this point and I am preparing to hike mountains in the spring.

Lori has never over taxed me until I hurt and knows how to challenge you appropriately. She is very patient and understands if you need to take it easier some days. There have been times when I have been in mental slumps and she has worked with me through them.

Lori has never been late nor cancelled during my 18 months of working with her. She is a true professional.

I hope you decide to make positive changes in your life regardless of your age. Choose to live a life of quality and quantity will follow. Lori can help you to experience new beginnings.

I am writing this testimonial because I can honestly say that working with Lori has changed my life.  I met Lori in 2013 because I was searching for a personal trainer.  I was experiencing chronic back pain, sciatic pain and numbness in my legs.  Activities like hiking, that should be a fun vacation activity, instead brought pain and the need to rest my back.   Medical imaging revealed lumbar/spinal concerns as the cause.  My doctor recommended physical therapy and guided exercise to strengthen and heal my problem areas.

I knew that having a commitment to meet with a trainer would assure that I exercised regularly and with proper guidance/adherence to my goals.  I feared that without a trainer, I would find myself blowing off workouts because I had had a busy day at work, and I would start the cycle of promising that tomorrow would be different.

I have been working with Lori every week since and I can say without hyperbole that it is one of my best life and health decisions ever.   By strengthening my core muscles, I have enabled my core to support my spine and I am now pain free and have been for years.  My husband, who is very logical and would not pay an empty compliment, regularly comments on my health, lack of pain, and appearance.   I look forward to our workout each week and can feel the difference if I miss it due to work travel.

I know that I will continue to work out for life and it has become a normal part of my health routine.    It is important to note that Lori not only has superb ability as a trainer, but displays genuine professionalism.  She has worked in many clinical/therapy and gym/training settings. Lori has the ability to adapt to her client’s needs and personalities; she has since trained several friends and family members.  Lori adjusts the training to the goals of the individual and can tailor one’s program to meet any weight loss, health, or even body building/sculpting/ competitive goals.  It is thus evident that I recommend Lori without hesitation.

I started working with Lori after many weeks of physical therapy for a leg injury caused by overuse (stairs) and excess weight. I had knee pain and could not do a flight of stairs without holding onto the railing.  Part of me thought this is just how it is when you get older.

Eighteen months later so many things have changed!  I am strong, flexible, and have much less joint pain. I can carry 20 pounds up and down stairs with minimal effort/strain. I see Lori for weight training just 60 minutes a week, but the benefits go on and on.

While I am working out, we sometimes talk about health, nutrition, and weight management. With Lori’s help and encouragement, I found a diet that works for me (after many failed attempts) and have lost almost 30 pounds.

Lori is awesome to work with. She is professional, knowledgeable, and supportive. No pain or shame – she just helps you become a healthier, more enlightened version of yourself! I highly recommend Lori and wholeheartedly endorse her skills, philosophy, and approach.

My experience with Hypnosis has been profound. When I finally reached out to Lori, I was desperate, needing to find relief from daily stressors and to learn to cope with a tragic loss. Lori guided me through my first session, and I felt relaxed, but in control the entire time. I left her office with a sense of relief, I was taking action to reclaim my best life. After the second session, I felt as if my soul had been cared for, I experienced a sense of peace for the first time in years, and my husband noticed I slept through the night “like a rock”. I began to practice the tools that Lori taught me and noticed that I had the ability to achieve peace in a moment of chaos. Slowly, the stress that seemed to surround and threaten to drown me, eased. I experienced more moments of happiness and confidence than anger and fear. After my third session, I achieved, and have maintained this sense of peace and I feel empowered to change the things I can control, and I feel a peaceful calm about those I cannot control. Self awareness and self care are lifelong journeys, and I am grateful to be experiencing this journey at long last.


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