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Self-Esteem and Confidence Building Hypnosis

Most experiences in life are affected by self-esteem and level of confidence. These are the very foundation of our sense of self and value.  Very often, our self-limiting thoughts have been a part of us for so long that they become accepted as our “normal” way of thinking. What we believe to be true may have been learned as a child during the time when our brain was not yet developed enough to question the information. Even though this belief no longer serves us in our adult life, it still exists and can shape our behaviors. Our memories, emotions, and beliefs are stored in the unconscious part of our brain.

Building confidence with hypnosis

This is where HYPNOSIS works! Being in HYPNOSIS allows you to access this area of your brain to change negative thought patterns into positive, productive ones.  HYPNOSIS gives you the power to change these old, unwanted thoughts and in turn, change your life!

-Use HYPNOSIS to eliminate the negative self-talk that is holding you back from being your best

-Re-write your story with positive thoughts and see your self-esteem grow

-HYPNOTIC techniques and suggestions build confidence in all areas of life

-HYPNOSIS allows you to change old, negative ways of thinking, into new, productive ones

You no longer need to be stuck in old, negative patterns. Get help to identify limiting beliefs and behaviors.  HYPNOSIS gives you the power to change your life! It’s time to finally feel confident and secure in your own skin.

Take control of your life today by scheduling a FREE phone consultation with Rhode Island based hypnotist, Lori Bernard and begin building your self-esteem and confidence NOW!