sleep hypnosis

Sleep Hypnosis

Sleep is one of the most important and necessary functions of the body. Many vital processes occur while we are in the deep, restful stages of sleep. Unfortunately, many people are not consistently able to achieve this level of restorative sleep. Fortunately, there is an answer…HYPNOSIS!

How does hypnosis work for sleep?

A state of HYPNOSIS naturally occurs before falling asleep. This is the time when you are aware of your surroundings, but you begin to fade away from your environment in preparation for sleep. This progressive change in level of arousal is the result of brain waves slowing down. As brain wave patterns shift, states of consciousness do as well. HYPNOSIS occurs in a conscious state while sleep occurs in an unconscious state.  This is why HYPNOSIS is a gentle and natural way to encourage sleep.

Use HYPNOSIS to induce relaxation which promotes sleep

Learn to quiet the mind using HYPNOTIC thought stopping methods to easily fall back to sleep

HYPNOSIS encourages more positive, creative dreams while decreasing stressful thoughts and worry

HYPNOTIC deepening methods are used to encourage deeper levels of restorative sleep which are vital to optimal health

Re-train your brain using HYPNOSIS to stay asleep, refocus thoughts and increase energy for the day

Restful, restorative sleep is vital to optimal health. Being well rested makes life easier and better!

Identify your barriers to sleep and overcome them with HYPNOSIS NOW!

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