FAQs About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a distinct, altered state of CONSCIOUSNESS. You are not asleep or unconscious. You are in a state of mind in which you can free your mind of constraints and limitations. While under hypnosis, you are more receptive to suggestions and this allows you to replace old, non-productive thoughts with new, positive ones. This is how LASTING behavior change is accomplished.

Hypnosis turns down the part of your mind which is constantly thinking, analyzing and assessing situations. This is referred to as your CONSCIOUS mind. When this part of your mind is muted, your concentration and level of suggestability are increased. In this state, your SUBCONSCIOUS mind becomes more active and is receptive to replacing unproductive beliefs and behaviors with new, more positive attitudes, feelings and habits. Your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is where your beliefs, emotions, memories, and habits are stored. The hypnotic process is complete when the CONSCIOUS mind begins to act on the new ideas that have been accepted by the UNCONSCIOUS mind.

The hypnotic state is a natural state available to anyone with a normal intelligence who is capable of following simple directions. Hypnosis is a cooperative relationship between client and hypnotist.

Hypnosis is NOT about being under someone else’s control. Hypnosis puts YOU in control of your own mind. The hypnotist is simply there to facilitate the process.

You cannot be made to do anything against your will. If you are uncomfortable with any suggestion, your subconscious mind with automatically reject it.

During a session, you will be brought out of hypnosis gently in order to maximize your experience and outcome, however, you will automatically return to your normal conscious state if you no longer wish to be in the hypnotic trance state. You are able to come out of hypnosis anytime you want to.

The number of sessions required to achieve lasting change varies from person to person. Each session can bring about amazing change. Multiple sessions assure that you enter a deep state of hypnosis and this helps to reinforce your desired outcome. Results can vary due to factors such as motivation, readiness for change, expectations and aptitude.

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