I say NO to smoking

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Maybe you have tried to quit smoking in the past, or maybe not, regardless, HYPNOSIS works in a different way. Smoking, like many other habits, becomes an unconscious problem.

Does hypnosis help smokers quit?

HYPNOSIS works on the unconscious/subconscious mind. That is why HYPNOSIS is known to be an effective intervention for smoking cessation.  Rather than relying on “willpower,” which operates in our conscious mind, to stop smoking, HYPNOTIC techniques allow you to get to the root of the problem which actually exists in the subconscious mind. HYPNOSIS addresses the “why” of your smoking habit and gets you the freedom you desire as a non-smoker.

How does hypnosis make quitting smoking easier?

<strongHYPNOSIS makes quitting smoking easier because it deals with the unconscious mind where your smoking habit exists.</strong

-As a non-smoker, you take back control over your life and health.

-HYPNOSIS is a completely natural way to quit smoking with no side effects, except positive results.

-Being a non-smoker automatically improves health, quality of life, appearance, self-esteem and saves money, just to name a few great, motivating reasons to quit smoking.

-Powerful HYPNOTIC techniques quickly get to the root of your smoking habit and extinguish it.

-HYPNOSIS helps to replace negative habits, such as smoking, with more healthy, desirable habits.

Prepare to become a non-smoker today! If you are ready to quit smoking, take the first easy step by booking a FREE phone consultation with Rhode Island based hypnotist, Lori Bernard. It is time to get started on your journey to optimal health and wellness as a NON-SMOKER!

Smoking Cessation is a 3 session program.