scale for weight control

The Scale: Is this the best way to measure weight loss?

5 Reasons the scale MAY NOT be the best way to measure your weight loss…

1 – A positive change in BODY COMPOSITION (decrease in fat and increase in muscle) is not always reflected on the scale. You may not lose “pounds”, but you may be losing “inches” (body fat).
When clothes fit differently and you feel better, that IS PROGRESS!

2– Your WEIGHT CAN FLUCTUATE during a short period of time. Even from morning to night. You may have an increase in water weight just because of eating something salty, having more carbs, hormonal changes or not drinking enough water, etc.
This does not necessarily mean you “gained weight”, but in your mind it does!!
Unless you have a medical condition or special circumstance, WEIGHING YOURSELF DAILY is typically NOT HELPFUL.

3 The NUMBER on the scale can be MENTALLY DEFEATING! Many people have a “number” they want to “be”. When the number on the scale does not change, many people give up on their plan. As your body changes, so does your optimal “weight”. For example, if you have been strength training and gaining muscle, you may weigh more, but look smaller. Rather than being fixated on a “number, ” focus on how you FEEL and LOOK.

4 HORMONES play a major role in controlling our weight and metabolism.  Things such as STRESS, LACK of SLEEP, and natural hormone fluctuations can effect your weight. You do have control over some of these things, so managing what you CAN will help to optimize your health and weight management.

5 Being HEALTHY and STRONG should be the focus. You may not always see the positive changes that are happening on the INSIDE of your body. When you eat well and exercise appropriately, your systems run smoothly and work together properly so that you FEEL GOOD and have ENERGY to LIVE WELL!!!


In my experience, these are some of the issues with using the scale as the primary assessment tool. It certainly has its place in monitoring progress and can definitely be motivating for some people. It is very important to realize that it is NOT the ONLY measure of progress.

A good coach/trainer will help you to look at the WHOLE YOU and NOT JUST A NUMBER on the scale.

benefits of weight training

If you are not including weight training in your fitness program, you are missing out on some incredible benefits.

Here are just a few….


You can decrease body fat levels and increase the amount of lean muscle you have. This can get you that “toned” look.


Muscle is an “active” tissue, meaning that it burns calories while just being there. More muscle means a higher resting metabolic rate plus more calories burned to support your muscles during activity and recovery.


By age 35 our bones can start to lose density unless we counteract the process with proper exercise. Weight bearing exercises,such as strength training, facilitate bone growth which decrease the risk of osteoporosis in both men and women.


As we age, many of our hormone levels naturally decline. Thankfully, exercise (especially weight training) is known to keep our hormone levels from declining as rapidly. This can help us to feel more energetic, healthy and youthful.


Exercise makes you feel strong and healthy. When you feel well, you have the confidence to know that you can handle whatever life sends your way!